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Accessible Encrypted Telephony

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Who we are?

  Hadron Systems is a technology created by SSDivision Technology, a company specialized in highly secure communication solutions. It is comprised of a highly skilled team in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense, utilizing quantum technology, unbreakable encryption to protect information from cyber-attacks and online security threats.

  The system employs randomly generated encryption keys, ensuring maximum security in data transmission and complete protection against third-party intervention.


 With multi-layer encryption providing additional protection for transmitted data, users can securely access key services within the network without the risk of data loss or intervention during transmission.

  It offers the highest possible level of security, allowing for extremely complex file encryption (military-grade encryption).

"   “The inviolability of private communications is a fundamental pillar for democracies” 

European Court of Human Rights.


36% of mobile applications transmit sensitive information, this increases concerns for the security of communications.

86% of all data transmissions are easily intercepted.

12% with medium difficulty, of which 2% are safe. This means that the vast majority of the mobile communications are vulnerable to interception and loss of information.

50% of all mobile devices connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. This means that many users are exposing their data to possible attacks on unsecured wireless networks, a weak point in communications security.

The 64-bit algorithm used in most GSM phone calls is outdated technology created 25 years ago

The risks of being under surveillance, being hacked or having phone calls, instant messages and intercepted emails, it is increasingly more frequent


Current risks

  • Telephone calls are at risk of being intercepted, criminals can interfere with a phone call by purchasing an IMSI receiver online for less than 3000 euros.
  • The privacy of telephone communications are in danger, they can be monitored and spied on without any consent.
  • Text and instant messaging messages can be intercepted and read by other people not authorized.
  • Mobile applications are increasingly used to store personal and sensitive information.
  • The personal and financial data of users, exposed to the risk of being stolen and
    used for malicious purposes.
  • Espionage between governments is a reality, there are surveillance and espionage programs that allow them to monitor communications and obtain valuable information for their political, economic and military interests.