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Especially for business solutions

Protocol and Design

 Hadron Systems, provides encrypted smart telephony, messaging and datatransmission to the highest  advanced level.

Thanks to the use of its own Operating System, reinforced with three layers ofencryption and through its random quantum key generator, is designed to safeguardtotal privacy in communications.


"SSDivision Technology is for the Code of Good Governance in Cybersecurity and
Cyber Defense, as well as with the Charter of Digital Rights"


Designed for: Business Solutions.

Pharmaceuticals: you can use it to protect your research and development activities, ensure that data leaks do not occur and compromise your operations.
Consultancies: you can protect the data of your clients and preserve the integrity of your privacy and business, through its implementation.
Energy: ensure an uninterrupted flow of operations by turning all communication channels into one impenetrable fortress.
Lawyers: you can use Hadron Systems to help to your cause and guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, as well as the availability of data between the defense members.
Banking: you can control the security of communication within your institution and ensure that no Information ends up in the wrong hands.

Security, Defense and Intelligence.

Security, Intelligence and Defense forces can use Hadron Systems to facilitate and secure critical communications and avoid compromising Homeland Security.


It uses a military-grade encryption, (refers to the highest possible level of security that you can get), very precise encryption, which allows files or information to be encrypted in a way that it is extremely difficult to decipher.

AES-256 is the most powerful standard algorithm (Advanced Encryption Standards). Are complex mathematical operations, since the key that encrypts an specific document is a table with a huge amount of values; during several rounds the original value is transformed into a new one.

The NSA (National Security Agency in the United States) presents it as the best way to encrypt classified information.


"Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility, the confidentiality, integrity and availability are an essential part of the life cycle of the Information"

"Encryption makes that the Privacy is a Right that can be claimed"