The Secure Network

Our System rejects any installation of Malicious Software

 Hadron QGen Quantum Key Generator

  The technique used to generate the quantum encryption keys is innovative, it is based on a system of optical fiber capable of generating polarization entangled pairs of photons. These photons are sent through a complete fiber optic circuit to the single photon detectors.

  Through a quantum process, a large number of random bits are generated and supplied to the servers at a very high speed.

   This combination of technologies allows the generation of random sequences with an observable repetition pattern of more than 10500 (for a potential attacker would have to generate 10,500 sequences random, until you could start to see some repeatable pattern).

   To further illustrate the security of the system, imagining the case of a unique 256-bit key that is not modified (our system discards and constantly regenerates encryption keys), it would take 150 supercomputers, each capable of checking billions of (1018) of 256-bit keys per second (if you could build a computer), it would take 1052 years to exhaust the 256-bit space. Even if such a set of computers could be manufactured, would surely exceed the *Landauer limit, which means in simple terms, that there is not enough energy on Earth to feed this type of machine



“Information is the Currency of the Universe, and every bit matters”

Hadron Server 

  It is a high security device designed to provide highly secure services, such as voice and video communications, instant messaging, secure email, storage file insurance in the cloud, and private intranet, among others.

   The voice service is capable of handling more than 10,000 simultaneous calls and providing this service to 100,000 registered users on a single server. For larger deployments, you will need an additional server, making it an ideal choice for large organizations and governments that they need to ensure the security of their data.

   It uses quantum resistant algorithms to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the information transmitted. In addition, it offers cascading services with triple layer security and redundancy, multiple layers of protection to ensure data is protected at all times. Can customize and comes with a management interface that allows users to manage devices, permissions, and users. In addition, the server does not store any connection records, CDRs or messages, which guarantees the privacy of user data.

  It is a comprehensive solution for data security and communication in an organization. With his ability to high power processing, high speed interfaces of data and algorithms of quantum resistance, guarantees the protection of Post-Quantum encryption algorithms resistant to quantum computing attacks.


• The 1Gbps and 10Gbps data interfaces provide a high-speed and low-speed connection latency, essential for the transfer of large volumes of data in real time.

• The generation of quantum keys in time almost real. Ensures that the keys used to encrypt the data are truly random and hard to decipher.

The Hadron Server also has military-grade encryption and implementation of high bandwidth strategic capacity, ideal for highly secure environments and sensitive.

Offers data, voice, video and messaging services safe and meets TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A standards.

High reliability multiple CPU architecture.

• Quantum Random Number Generator integrated.

• Post-Quantum encryption algorithms.

Hadron Mobile APP

  Communication tool designed to provide security and privacy to its users. The application is exclusively for iOS devices and is not available on the App Store public, which means that it can only be downloaded and installed through the organization's security manager.

   The application uses managed and controlled phone profiles. Voice and video calls are secure thanks to the quantum resistant algorithms used by the application.

  Offers secure instant messaging for group chats and make secure conference calls, with up to 48 simultaneous participants.

  Application users have access to the private cloud Hadron Network Cloud, email and other services of the grid.

  The application also has a management interface for users, devices, permissions, etc. This is done without storing any type of information on the server, which means there are no connection records, CDRs, messages, etc.

   The application is an extremely secure tool and private for business communication.