Hadron is the System that guarantees confidentiality in the digital age

The competition uses:

  1. Simple, pseudo-random keys: Vulnerable to attacks by hackers and cybercriminals. These Systems are easy to crack and do not provide adequate protection for sensitive data.
  2. They offer operation on any device: these operating systems are easily accessibleto confidential data.
  3. Data centers hosted in unsafe and even dangerous jurisdictions: data stored in these data centers may be at risk of being hacked or stolen.
  4. Single layer security (for example, encrypted SIP over an insecure network), thesesystems are vulnerable to hacker attacks and do not provide adequate protection for sensitive data.

5. Hardware and software from different external providers, *MDM servers hosted on public servers (for example, Meraki, Simple MDM, etc), use hardware and software that increase the risk of security vulnerabilities.

6. They will only allow their solution to run on their servers, under their control: this limits flexibility and the ability for customers to customize their security solution according to their specific needs.

7. Unencrypted data storage: Increases the risk of data being hacked or stolen.

8. Using the master key to read and mine data endangers the privacy and security of confidential customer data.

 Our Network:

1. It offers Encryption based on a Random Quantum Key Generator.

2. A fiber optic system capable of generating pairs of polarized entangled photons, creating random streams at very high bandwidth. This method is perfect for structures that need a large number of random sequences, such as communication servers and encryption of data.

3. Users are not allowed to install apps or make unauthorized changes. In addition, the Software and security updates are managed centrally, ensuring that Devices are always protected and up to date.

4. Reliable data center in neutral countries: such as Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, which ensures that the Data is protected by strict privacy laws and a high level of security in its facilities accommodations.

5. Multi-layer security, self-manufacturing of hardware and software devices: a CPU architecture high skill multiple and an integrated quantum random number generator. In addition, we use post-quantum encryption algorithms and multi-layer security to ensure maximum data protection; software is developed internally, which ensures that products are safe and high quality.

6. Private MDM servers assigned to each client: ensures that data is always protected by multi-layered security and centrally managed (customers can customize the configuration according to their needs).

7. Customers can use their own server infrastructure: they can choose where to host their data and have greater control over security and access.

8. Data stored on fully encrypted servers: even with full access to the server, data cannot be read. In addition, Hadron Systems does not store data in the clear and does not use the key master to read, ensuring customer data is always safe and secure.