Hadron is the key that allows us to keep our conversations safe from prying eyes prying


Any type of information that is transmitted over electronic communicationsnetworks may be protected by encryption procedures.   


Hadron Systems Encrypted Telephone Annual License:

Acquiring an Annual License allows customers to have easy and secure access to
the privacy of their communications:

  • iOS Private App: Not available through the App Store. Fully phone profiles managed/controlled.
  • Secure voice/video calls using quantum resistant algorithms.
  •  Secure Instant Messaging / Group Chat.
  •  Secure multi-conference calls - up to 48 simultaneous participants. Transfer/
    secure file storage.
  • Security in triple layer, in cascade, redundant.
  • Access to Hadron Network Cloud private cloud, email and other Hadron services.
  • Management interface for users, devices, permissions, etc.
  • No data stored to the server (no connection records, CDRs, messages, etc.).
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Complete Hadron Systems Equipment:

Acquire your complete team and manage it with your own administrators.

  • Hadron Server (Server)
  • Qgen generator (quantum keys).
  • Hadron Mobile App Software.


A complete and customized solution for companies that need more control and management of their secure communications.

Delivery time is 60 days, includes installation in the customer's data center and

training of the staff that will manage their own network.

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The guidelines of the legal framework established in the European Union and
Council of Europe, advocate the safeguarding and protection of privacy in communications. 

"We ensure your privacy"