Hadron Systems

Leading solution that protects critical information”

Encrypted Smart Phone System

  It provides key services with a high level of security protecting user information.

  1. Secure voice communications: end-to-end encryption that ensures the privacy of the phone calls, only the parties involved in the call have access to the information, and even Hadron Systems cannot access it. Security is based on the generation of quantum keys, and guarantees the impossibility of being intercepted.
  2. Secure instant messaging services: end-to-end encryption for group conversations and file transfers.
  3. Encrypted email: end-to-end encryption, ensures that emails are safe and private.
  4. Private cloud data storage services: The stored data is protected by end-to-end
    encryption and on highly secure private servers.
  5. Quantum Key Generation: The Hadron Systems network uses quantum key
    generation that provides an additional layer of security and privacy through a randon number generator, ultra-fast and high-end, capable of generating keys at a speed of 4Gb/s.
  6. Functions customized according to the specific needs of the client: It allows to
    adapt to the individual security requirements of each company.

How does the system work

  An advanced and effective methodology that guarantees the security of the network and devices. The installation of Quantum encryption keys, security profiles and proprietary applications further increase security. The devices are registered in a private MDM server, it allows the security manager to configure, manage, block, delete and keep track of these devices.

  Quantum encryption keys are generated and installed on devices, with security profiles and own applications. Whenever devices request access to any of the services provided by the network, a secure encrypted channel is established between the device and the network, through a *QHAE (Quantum High Assurance Encrypted Device) device connected to the core server and a program installed to the client device. Once the connection is established, the device is allowed to access the services.


  The Hadron Systems network provides a high level of security by creating between one to three additional encryption channels, all data goes through only these channels. For voice calls, two encryption layers are established: the first ensures the connection with the central server, while the second creates a secure voice channel within another secure channel between the two users.


  Messaging applications do not send or receive any sensitive data until a secure channel Hadron Systems Secnet is established. The information contained in the arriving PUSH notification packet to the device is simply that it has a message on the server, and the user must open the messaging application to download received messages through a secure channel.

  Messages are encrypted during their transmission within the Hadron Systems network and on the servers where they are stored, only the devices that send and receive the messages can decode them.

  Within the system, various data encryption algorithms and various key exchanges are used, from NIST-approved algorithms such as AES-256 CBC/GCM, RSA-4096, and HMAC, to algorithms specific owners according to customer needs. For resistant systems to quantum technology, algorithms such as NTRU, BCNS15 or Frodo are used.

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Quantum key-based encryption

  Encryption is the process of coding data that prevents unauthorized parties from accessing the information denying the intelligibility of the content to a potential recipient.


   The quality of an encryption system is measured by the quality of the algorithm and of the keys used, they use random and secure encryption keys.


  The keys generated through this method are unique and cannot be predicted or replicated, which makes encryption highly secure.


  The generation of encryption keys really random is essential to ensure the protection of data in an increasingly technological environment and connected, it is crucial to ensure that even the more powerful machines can generate passwords with identical encryption in a useful time frame.